Sunday, July 31, 2005

U.S.: Hey Canada, here's some injustice...take that. CANADA: Oh, thanks, can we have some more?

Well, my friends, it seems as though we Americans our now spreading our nasty injustice all over the place. This time is the prominent Pot Prince of Canada, Marc Emery. Marc owns a marijuana seed distribution store in B.C. He is also the publisher of the Canadian magazine - Canabis Culture. Marc has fought a hard fight for a long time. I'm afraid he has done himself in on this one.
Mr. Emery, along with Gregory Williams, and Michelle Rainy-Fenkarek were arrested in Nova Scotia, by Canadian authorities on a warrant from officials in Washington State.

Under the Mutually Legal Assistance Treaty all three of them could be tried in the U.S. where penalties are exponentially greater. They face three charges, and distribution alone can get them ten to life. That's right, TEN TO LIFE
Injustice in the world of Marijuana legislation is at an all time "high."
Alcohol KILLS people every single day. By DWI accidents, liver failure, disease, overdose, heart attacks, etc. Marijuana has never directly killed anyone without a severe allergy. Granted some people may do stupid things, but I'll bet you could find twenty incidents involving alcohol for every one found involving pot.

The bullshit and the tyranny has gone on WAY TOO LONG. The prohibition of Marijuana should have ended with the prohibition of alcohol, and neither should have ever happened. The continued prohibition is out of nothing but ignorance, and self righteousness.

So, my friends. While our recent departees will be spending the next several years in prison - possibly LIFE on the distribution charges alone - I suggest we do what we can to correct the injustice in their tribute, and the tribute of all persecuted herb smokers everywhere.

I propose: Don't ever let another seed fall to the bottom of the ashtray or sorting tray. The world is full of soil. REMEMBER JOHNNY APPLESEED. It's time for a revolution my friends. They can not win the war against marijuana. I believe God will not allow it. It's time we show them that.

The report is here.


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