Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Getting Warmer - Legal Pot for Medical Use in NM??

The NM state legislature is off to a good start this year. This bill will help a lot of people - hopefully including myself (don't know if my conditions will qualify). Thanks To Cisco McSorley, and damn Dan Silva for being a prick and blocking this bill during the last session. Shame on you Dan Silva - I wish I could vote against you.

The report is here.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

UPDATE: "A Pretty Heavy Straw"

A few months ago I made my first post on this blog. I did so because I was pissed off at yet another fucking drunk running over an innocent person. What really made me mad was the possible sentence.

My original post.

The UPDATED report is here.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

New Gitmo Abuse Accuasations

I'm speechless...

"The Pentagon has engaged in a new form of medical abuse at Guantanamo Bay by force-feeding detainees on a hunger strike in ways that are deliberately painful and cause life-threatening vomiting and weight loss, defense lawyers say."


"During force-feedings, prisoners were "vomiting up substantial amounts of blood ... soldiers taunted them with statements like 'Look what your religion has brought you,'" Manhattan attorney Julia Tarver, who filed the motion before Kessler, said in newly declassified papers. "No anesthesia or sedative was provided."

Oh, there's more.

In front of doctors including the prison hospital chief, "guards took [nasal feeding] tubes from one detainee, and with no sanitization whatsoever, reinserted them into the nose of a different detainee. ... The detainees could see the blood and stomach bile from other detainees remaining on the tubes," Tarver said."

The report is here.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Resistance is Futile

In the waning days of a record season, a helicopter buzzes treetops here in a remote corner of the "Emerald Triangle," redwood country notorious as the USA's premier producer of marijuana

You have to wonder how the forces fighting the war against marijuana can see ANY light at the end of the tunnel. In fact, there is no light, and all they can see is black - pitch black. How else could they be so blind as to think that their efforts were worthwhile? Those calming buds have always been and will always be, and NOTHING can stop that (except an ELE).

Prohibition bites.

The report is here.

Friday, October 07, 2005

An Eye Opening, and Wide Ranging CBS Poll


That's right. The lowest presidential approval rating EVER. That's not all though because there are results from many interesting questions. This poll is a MUST READ.

The report is here.

It's Not A Holy War...Really!

President George W Bush told Palestinian ministers that God had told him to invade Afghanistan and Iraq - and create a Palestinian State, a new BBC series reveals.

I have been having an argument with some opposing friends and family members for some time over the nature of the War in Iraq. I have been convinced from the very beginning that 9/11 was a convenient excuse to begin a Holy War against Islam. My argument has been viciously dismissed time and time again.
Does it not mean anything that Jihad became a household word in the late months of 2001? Yet, still there are people who are denying that religion is the major player in this conflict.
FACT - There are EXTREMIST christians in the White House, and EXTREMIST christians are their, "base."
FACT - The Bush admin. has delcared war on terrorism, and defined terrorists as EXTREMIST Muslims.

The report is here.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

White House Bribing for Propaganda

"WASHINGTON - Federal auditors said Friday that the Bush administration had violated the law by purchasing favorable news coverage of President George W. Bush's education policies, by making payments to the conservative commentator Armstrong Williams and by hiring a public relations company to analyze media perceptions of the Republican Party."

Mad yet?

Keep Reading...

HAHA...Funny Joke I had to Pass On

The scene: White House Cabinet Meeting....

Rumsfeld is reporting to the Presidents' Cabinet. He says "3 Brazilian soldiers were killed today in Iraq." The President says "Oh, my God" as he buries his head in his hands.

The entire Cabinet is stunned. Usually George W. Bush shows no reaction whatsoever to these reports.
Just then Bush looks up and says "How many is a brazilian?"

VERY Unjust Property Seizure

"Both the Las Vegas Sun and the Review-Journal jumped all over Dave Olsen, city attorney of sleepy Boulder City, when he filed a lawsuit to seize the home of Cynthia Warren.

Boulder City police, ably assisted by the SWAT team from nearby Henderson, stormed Warren's home in April to discover six marijuana plants and various and sundry marijuana-related paraphernalia inside. She was arrested, charged with several felonies, and ultimately pled no contest to possession of a controlled substance. But before she entered her plea, Olsen filed a lawsuit to seize her house, valued at around $400,000, contending it was part of the instrumentality of her crime."

And it only gets more interesting from there.

The full report is here.

Time to move to Oregon

At least there is some rationality and intelligence left. I know it isn't much, but they are trying.

"Shawn Flury, 44, and David Thomas Howard, 51, this month joined the ranks of growers convicted on felony drug charges for violating the state's medical marijuana law at their Clackamas County greenhouse.

"'The whole thing is a morass,' Clackamas County Circuit Judge Ronald Thom said of the medical marijuana law during the trial.

As the men are sentenced today, the state is preparing to change the law so it is easier for police to interpret and harder for criminals to exploit.

More than 11,000 Oregonians hold state registration cards that authorize them to use medical marijuana. They have the option of growing their marijuana or designating someone else, called a "caregiver," to do it for them.

State lawmakers tried unsuccessfully to modify the law during the 2003 Legislature. They agreed to some changes in the waning hours of the 2005 session, approving Senate Bill 1085 with bipartisan support. The changes take effect Jan. 1."

The full report is here.

Rosenthal Seeks Overturn of Conviction

The Ed Rosenthal case has been ongoing for a few years now. He is facing new obstacles with the recent supreme court decision that gives the feds authority to trump the California state laws allowing medical marijuana.

The report is here.

The Persecution of Joseph Robinson

I haven't been following this case for long, but it has been ongoing for a while. Mr. Robinson is one of the many wrongfully convicted citizens of California who were arrested - and had their lives completely destroyed - because he was LEGALLY growing medical marijuana.

Here's a preview:

"AUTHORITIES ATTACK ROBINSON: On September 27, 2000 more than a dozen California Sheriff deputies and federal agents with camouflage clothing, ready weapons, roaring vehicles and helicopter swarmed onto the property of Joseph Robinson. They found Robinson and three friends processing marijuana. They discovered medical certification for all four. They also found a letter from Robinson to the California Medical Research Center that offered to distribute Robinson’s excess marijuana to their patients."

The report is here.

Friday, September 30, 2005

Civil War Talk Begins

I have been expecting this to start up for quite a while. I am honestly suprised I wasn't hearing more stuff like this months ago.

It all begins with an unbelievable entry @ Blogs for Bush asking "Do Democrats Want a Civil War?" The ignorance and arrogance amaze me.

At DailyKos however, Hunter gives the best retort imaginable

It is an absolute shame that our nation is coming to this. We really are at the crossroads of irreconsilable differences.

"House of Cards" or "Falling Dominos"?

Ahh, I love the smell of Republicans burning in the morning. :-)

"The indictment sent a shock wave through the GOP establishment, which is already reeling from a swath of criminal and ethics investigations. Three individuals, eight corporations and two political action committees connected to DeLay have been indicted as a result of the probe. In addition, the government's top procurement official, David Safavian, was arrested in September for obstructing a criminal investigation into über-lobbyist Jack Abramoff, a close DeLay ally. Abramoff himself is under criminal investigation for defrauding Indian tribes and was indicted for wire fraud in Florida in a separate case. Top White House aides, including Karl Rove and Scooter Libby, have been targeted by a special prosecutor investigating the outing of CIA agent Valerie Plame. Representative Duke Cunningham announced he would not run for re-election after overselling his house for $700,000 to a military industry lobbyist; he too has been indicted. FDA chief Lester Crawford resigned unexpectedly after just two months on the job, possibly because of failure to report his wife's sizable pharmaceutical-industry holdings. And DeLay's Senate counterpart, Bill Frist, is battling possible insider-trading charges for dumping millions in HCA stock, a company founded by his father and run by his brother, weeks before it plunged in value. The U.S. Attorney in Manhattan and the Securities and Exchange Commission opened an investigation into Frist and HCA in September."

No commentary is needed on this one.
The report is here.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Will DeLay Go Down?

I am as happy as a pig in mud with all of the negative press the GOP is receiving. I hope against hope that he will be convicted, but as a realist I just don't see it. If nothing else he did have to step down from his majority leadership position. I lived in Texas during the controversial redistricting. It really was a well played (though unethical) strategy for the GOP in TX. On the off chance that DeLay does take a fall over this, there will - fingers crossed - be a domino effect throughout the TX state legislature.

Now all we need are indictments on Bush (war crimes), Cheney (that Halliburton crap is jailworthy), Rove (Plamegate), and maybe some other criminal dicks in suits. Hey, a guy can dream, right?

The report is here.

Gore for Porn - And Nobody Will Pay For It

Well, apparently the U.S. can get away with war crimes on a regular basis. We can also take a piss on our own Uniform Code of Military Justice. Rules just don't matter anymore. Respect and Honor have become hollow words within the halls of the Pentagon. Every day I am more ashamed of my nation. I was once so proud.

The report is here.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Ok Cupid Politics Test Results

I found this test via Crooks and Liars, and Balloon Juice.
You are a

Social Liberal
(65% permissive)

and an...

Economic Liberal
(13% permissive)

You are best described as a:


Link: The Politics Test on OkCupid Free Online Dating

You are a

Social Liberal
(68% permissive)

and an...

Economic Liberal
(8% permissive)

You are best described as a:


Link: The Politics Test on Ok Cupid

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Let there be Light. Okay, Bush is gone, turn 'em off

Brian Williams shouts the truth:

"And yet last night, no more than an hour after the President departed, the lights went out. The entire area was plunged into total darkness again, to audible groans. It's enough to make some of the folks here who witnessed it... jump to certain conclusions."

The rest is of the report is here.

Bill gets some cojones - Yeah Bill!!!

Mr. Clinton is suggesting that all of BushCo's taxcuts be repealed. Too bad one of the few Dems with a spine no longer holds an office. Too bad he's shooting a bear with a B.B. gun.

The report is here.

Anyone Ready for their Radiation treatment?

"Amid increasing tension between the United States and Iran over Tehran's nuclear program, and growing concern about overstretched U.S. ground forces, the George W. Bush administration is moving steadily toward adopting the preemptive use of nuclear weapons against non-nuclear states as an integral part of its global military strategy."

You have to wonder if the rest of the world is plotting against us. Can you imagine the fear the rest of the world lives in from the last great superpower? Expecially now that we have become a paranoid, and extremely divided nation.

Brink of War With Yet Another Country

WASHINGTON - Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said Friday he has documentary evidence that the United States plans to invade his country.

Hugo is quite paranoid, but he sounds pretty pissed off. Many people may ignore this, even if it hits the MSM. The sad part is the reality of it. Would you trust a pissed off paranoid semi-dictator with a respectable amount of firepower? Yeah, me neither.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

A funny, geeky take on Katrina and BushCo

I have never played any of the card/dice role playing games, but I've been friends with many who have. None of which were - well, they were all nerds. There is nothing wrong with that, in fact they are some of the better people I've met. This nerd over at Broken Toys could give some people a little clarity.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

College Trio shows up the Govt. - This says it all

From Duke to LSU. They made it by Saturday night and got 7 people out. It's a shame they had to lie and steal to the police and national guard to do so. This is a must read.

The report is here.

Saturday, September 03, 2005


This is from a comment from an Open Thread at Americablog

Urgent Message to all Liberal and Progressive Bloggers

The gov't is refusing to bring food and water to those (thousands of people) they have imprisoned in the NO convention center. Those who, if let out could walk across a bridge to safety. They are now in their sixth day and they won't hold out much longer. This is a death sentence. This has to stop today. Please, I'm begging you, in the name of humanity - please spread the word by posting this communique at the top of your blogs. Thank you, Super Stevens.
Super Stevens | 09.03.05 - 10:34 am |


I haven't posted in a few days. I have been keeping an eye on what has happened with the hurricane and the following political catastrophe. At at time like this, I think that is where everyone's attention needs to be focused. After everyone is safe, sheltered, and fed we need to all turn to Washington for an explanation - not an excuse - for this giant jungle fuck of a disaster relief that Bush says is "going well." My heart goes out to the heroes who ARE helping and have BEEN helping the people there over the past week - with NO OUTSIDE HELP. Going well my ass.

Anyway, stop listening to me. Click one of the links to the right to get to the best coverage and discussions. AmericaBLOG, DailyKOS, Jesus' General, and Crooks and Liars have all been great sources to follow.

I'll do some research and post some more next week.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Executive Economic Endangerment -- A Tangent

Reagan, God bless him, is a damn fool. I am absolutely convinced that his head was very far up his ass when he started playing with the financial nuclear weapon, or supply-side economics as most people call it. In his wake, a now corrupted (okay, more corrupted), inefficient, fascist, greedy, denial driven crowd has taken over his beloved GOP.

I grew up a Republican, "because my parents said so." I have gotten nearly disowned because of some of my views that the "horrible liberal colleges have taught me.” I still get along with my family very well, but politics is NEVER mentioned.

I have been riding the fence as a moderate since I was allowed to vote. I have always registered as an independent because I do not believe in party politics. However, my tune is changing as I am starting to see the need for it.

When a party, hell bent on pushing for the end of the world (you gotta love these evangelical "rapture is a comin'" Christians) takes over all three branches. Well, we're screwed, and there must be some balance. They are literally spending like there is no tomorrow. Well, what if there is you dumb bastards?

Some of my visitors may get mad at this, but I am just as disgusted by democrats. In fact I'm a huge fan of the word - Republicrat. There are so many views on both sides that I don't agree with. Therefore, I refuse to choose a party, but I will stand up and scream for what is right.

What GW is doing to us, our children, our grandchildren, etc. is inexcusable. He is being absolutely wreckless with all matters of government, and most of the country either doesn't know or doesn't care.

On the other hand. I personally think this country is in a downward spiral that it can't possibly pull out of. No wonder my wife calls me a pessimist.

The report is here

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Jury Nullification - Too Bad It Doesn't Happen More Often

This is a vey interesting article on jury nullification and how the practice has been suppressed. This right, which is quite constitutional, is one of the few ways that a person can be given justice under an unjust law. The suppression of this practice has done nothing in the interest of justice, but exactly the opposite.
The author also references a case that I have been steaming over for years - the 25 year conviction of Ed Rosenthal for growing pot.

The report is here

Mom Pimps 14 year Old To Over ONE HUNDRED Men

"The district attorney's office asked that Stoddard be ordered to serve the sentences consecutively instead of concurrently, but the judge has not ruled on the request."

Until I read that line toward the end of the story, I atleast felt that she would be punished appropriately. Whether she will be or not is up to the Judge, and yet to be seen. Honestly, I don't think anything short of being dragged to death is enough. This woman is a waste of flesh and should be discarded as such.

The reason I am posting this here is to call attention to the unbelievable tactics of defense attorneys. I know it is their job to defend, but to have 4 sentences that add up to 110 years served concurrently is asinine. That is exactly what they requested of the Judge in this case.

When you think about it, though, lawyers are hypocrites by design. It is virtually impossible for a lawyer to advance their career without compromising common ethics. Oh, why am I being nice? Almost all lawyers are fucking evil, and I only say almost because there must be at least a handful of them who aren't...maybe...I hope.

The report is here

Federal Crime Lab Is Incompetent

After 1o years, the only federal crime lab outside the FBI finally realizes they have an incompetent screw up working for them. I am not surprised. In fact, I'm sure he was paid ridiculously well for his atrocities of justice. There are reasons why people who are not responsible should not be in control of anybody's future.
The government is being very wise by not releasing this ass monkey's name. There are 479 cases under review for possible flawed results.

The report is here

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Man Choked to Death - No Trial for the Killer

This is amazing. A killing is caught on a security camera and seen by witnesses, and the case doesn't even go to a grand jury? The Florida State Attorney's Office is WAY out of line. It is a leap of faith to believe a 2-3 minute choking was excusable homicide.
How is it that now if you are attacked you are allowed to kill? This is not how it should be. Fisticuffs are a way of life and always have been. If you've been lucky enough to avoid it then yours is coming eventually.
Just because some guy is pounding you, doesn't mean you get to kill him. You may defend yourself, of course, but if your actions are excessive and cause serious injury or death then you are liable.
I'm not saying the guy should be tried for murder. In fact I think a moderate manslaughter ruling would be appropriate. However, I haven't seen the tape, or any of the evidence, but neither has a grand jury.

The report is here

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

New London City Council - Ass Kicking anybody??

An office complex, that's it, just an office complex. However, this office complex is so damn important that dozens of people must have their land and homes taken from them against their will (most likely by force by rumors I've heard). This, of course, sounds ridiculous. What business is so important as to rape its potential patrons of their American dream? There is none, but the asinine upper class righties have convinced the Supreme Court otherwise. It is amazing how much legislation has happened for the rich to get richer without many noticing. More and more our people are becoming divided. I have claimed to be an independent moderate since I started following politics in High School, but I can no longer do that. Moderates are not allowed to exist anymore. If you are still on the fence you will be dragged down by one or the other soon enough.

The report is here.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Give Sheehan Some Justice Already

To: President George W. Bush
From: The whole #@$%& country

Quit being a %@$@%# pussy and go explain to this woman why her son is in a grave. Tell her what he died for. Did he die so the soldiers now would have a memory to fight for to the end? Horse Shit. I have never heard of someone more in need of an ass kicking than you.

I am so ashamed of my government. What is happening?

The report is here.

Wal Mart Employees Lynch Suspected Shoplifter

You have to wonder if anyone is going to pay for this. I rather doubt it seeing as how Wal Mart is the epitome of evil in the corporate world.

The report is here.

Murderer recieves 1 year sentence - Weekends Only

Apparently if you are a drunk driver you are given special exceptions when you kill someone. At least that seems to be the new fad for the court system these days.

The report is here.

So. Cal. Law Enforcement is at it again.

For the love of God, will someone please kick some of these cops asses. How long is "law enforcement" going to get away with using their badge as a license to terrorize. This country is fighting this - what is it now? - "Fight against global extremism." If that isn't newspeak I don't know what is. I guess the war on terror was backfiring since the U.S. is the main cause of terror in the world right now. Many citizens, including me, are afraid of what the government is degrading into under control of the radical right regime. Are we very far away from a police state? And if so, is this the treatment the general public can expect from those who are here, "to protect and serve."

The report is here

Columbine Shooter Released @ 21

The fact that this piece of trash is even allowed to see daylight turns my stomach. I really hope his karma catches up with him...soon.

The report is here.

Friday, August 05, 2005


The world is full of soil...

REMEMBER JOHNNY APPLESEED. Never again, shall we let a decent grow able seed fall to the bottom of the tray, or get dumped in the trash. Everywhere you go plant a seed. Plant them in the forest, at your favorite campsite, in a park, on campus, on the courthouse lawn, or maybe even on the White House lawn. Apparently very little can be done politically until massive public support is shown. How better than to overgrow the country? Now, more than ever, we have to stand up and fight. G.W. Bush, John Walters, and the rest of the three branches under siege of the GOP are worse adversaries to freedom and civil liberties than regimes that our fore fathers have fought to defeat.


Herb smokers are a peaceful people, and we are a culture of our own. We are a persecuted culture, which means we need new ways to fight. Sometimes the system just doesn't work.

The War on Drugs, and the War on Marijuana, must be separated.

It is almost inconceivable that this, "war," is still taking place. Absolute atrocities are taking place every day concerning the civil rights of Americans, and now the rest of the world due to the War on Terror. It is a crying shame that in any given prison in the U.S. there are dozens, hundreds, or thousands of people serving time for possession of less than a few ounces, or even less than an ounce. They are there right alongside rapists, murderers, pedophiles, wife/child beaters, etc. The truly tragic part is that for many people convicted on marijuana charges, seeing those terrible prison peers come and go will be something of a knife in the back they call a future. I'll bet those serving life sentences for pot get a bit aggravated every time they hear someone who is getting out complaining about having to register as a sex offender.

The incomprehensible amount of money spent battling a war that cannot be won makes me livid at the thought of what all of those billions of dollars could have gone to.

The main argument in the war, being the gateway theory, is absolutely bogus. John Walters is trying to reiterate a defunct theory. Marijuana is the most widely used illicit drug on the planet, and is no more a gateway than alcohol. Though alcohol is probably more so, and far more dangerous.

The side effects of marijuana, especially when vaporized or ingested, pale in comparison to those of most prescription medications. In fact, the challenge has been open for decades to find anyone who has died as a direct result of marijuana use. Aside from temporarily impaired short-term memory and the effects of smoke, the negative side effects are minimal.

If marijuana were produced in higher quantities, then smoking would not be necessary. There are thousands of recipes for cooking with pot, which would negate the adverse health effects that are also used as ammunition by the government in their, "War on Marijuana."

The prohibition and tyranny have gone on for way too long. They cannot, and will not win the War against marijuana. I believe God (whoever he/she may be to you) will not allow it. The Pro/Con list on this topic can no longer be ignored. It is time for a revolution my friends.

So, I propose:


The world is full of soil...Plant a seed everywhere you go, and every chance you get.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Nineteen years served by an innocent man for Rape

I could not believe this. The amazing part is that the man doesn't seem too bitter. Even though he had two young children when he was falsely convicted. I wish the Judge, Parole Board, and especially the prosecutor has a hard time sleeping for the rest of their lives. In fact, maybe they should go serve some time for this atrocity. What do you think?

The report is here.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Statutory Incestial Rape gets Cop probation

This is just absolutely disgusting. The headline says enough.

The report is here.

Sunday, July 31, 2005

U.S.: Hey Canada, here's some injustice...take that. CANADA: Oh, thanks, can we have some more?

Well, my friends, it seems as though we Americans our now spreading our nasty injustice all over the place. This time is the prominent Pot Prince of Canada, Marc Emery. Marc owns a marijuana seed distribution store in B.C. He is also the publisher of the Canadian magazine - Canabis Culture. Marc has fought a hard fight for a long time. I'm afraid he has done himself in on this one.
Mr. Emery, along with Gregory Williams, and Michelle Rainy-Fenkarek were arrested in Nova Scotia, by Canadian authorities on a warrant from officials in Washington State.

Under the Mutually Legal Assistance Treaty all three of them could be tried in the U.S. where penalties are exponentially greater. They face three charges, and distribution alone can get them ten to life. That's right, TEN TO LIFE
Injustice in the world of Marijuana legislation is at an all time "high."
Alcohol KILLS people every single day. By DWI accidents, liver failure, disease, overdose, heart attacks, etc. Marijuana has never directly killed anyone without a severe allergy. Granted some people may do stupid things, but I'll bet you could find twenty incidents involving alcohol for every one found involving pot.

The bullshit and the tyranny has gone on WAY TOO LONG. The prohibition of Marijuana should have ended with the prohibition of alcohol, and neither should have ever happened. The continued prohibition is out of nothing but ignorance, and self righteousness.

So, my friends. While our recent departees will be spending the next several years in prison - possibly LIFE on the distribution charges alone - I suggest we do what we can to correct the injustice in their tribute, and the tribute of all persecuted herb smokers everywhere.

I propose: Don't ever let another seed fall to the bottom of the ashtray or sorting tray. The world is full of soil. REMEMBER JOHNNY APPLESEED. It's time for a revolution my friends. They can not win the war against marijuana. I believe God will not allow it. It's time we show them that.

The report is here.

Friday, July 29, 2005

Okay class, everyone say, "nearly extinct"

Some jack ass got caught smuggling two white tiger cubs from Texas into Mexico. The cubs were given over to the fish and wildlife service. As for the smuggler, well, he got a $500 slap on the wrist and was let go on the spot. Somebody grab me a bucket because I think I am going to vomit. How in the hell does someone get away with this?

The report is here.

"A Pretty Heavy Straw"

As I was watching the news, and getting ready for work tonight, I heard something that I couldn't believe. I have a short fuse, but I don't recall becoming so angry so fast any time recently. I honestly was paying half-attention, until I heard the story of another drunk driver killing another innocent person. This is a staple of the evening news, but this case was particularly disturbing. some of the things the reporter said was that he had been arrested for DWI six times, convicted three times, and faces -- get this -- maximum 15 years if convicted of his current charges. THAT's IT?!?!?! What in the hell is wrong with our justice system which allows a SOB who killed an innocent woman to serve such a slap-on-the-wrist sentence? Of course, as we all know, the odds of that drunk piece of shit serving his full sentence is next to nill anyway.

So, you now know about the straw that broke this camels back.

The report is here.