Saturday, October 29, 2005

New Gitmo Abuse Accuasations

I'm speechless...

"The Pentagon has engaged in a new form of medical abuse at Guantanamo Bay by force-feeding detainees on a hunger strike in ways that are deliberately painful and cause life-threatening vomiting and weight loss, defense lawyers say."


"During force-feedings, prisoners were "vomiting up substantial amounts of blood ... soldiers taunted them with statements like 'Look what your religion has brought you,'" Manhattan attorney Julia Tarver, who filed the motion before Kessler, said in newly declassified papers. "No anesthesia or sedative was provided."

Oh, there's more.

In front of doctors including the prison hospital chief, "guards took [nasal feeding] tubes from one detainee, and with no sanitization whatsoever, reinserted them into the nose of a different detainee. ... The detainees could see the blood and stomach bile from other detainees remaining on the tubes," Tarver said."

The report is here.