Saturday, August 27, 2005

Jury Nullification - Too Bad It Doesn't Happen More Often

This is a vey interesting article on jury nullification and how the practice has been suppressed. This right, which is quite constitutional, is one of the few ways that a person can be given justice under an unjust law. The suppression of this practice has done nothing in the interest of justice, but exactly the opposite.
The author also references a case that I have been steaming over for years - the 25 year conviction of Ed Rosenthal for growing pot.

The report is here

Mom Pimps 14 year Old To Over ONE HUNDRED Men

"The district attorney's office asked that Stoddard be ordered to serve the sentences consecutively instead of concurrently, but the judge has not ruled on the request."

Until I read that line toward the end of the story, I atleast felt that she would be punished appropriately. Whether she will be or not is up to the Judge, and yet to be seen. Honestly, I don't think anything short of being dragged to death is enough. This woman is a waste of flesh and should be discarded as such.

The reason I am posting this here is to call attention to the unbelievable tactics of defense attorneys. I know it is their job to defend, but to have 4 sentences that add up to 110 years served concurrently is asinine. That is exactly what they requested of the Judge in this case.

When you think about it, though, lawyers are hypocrites by design. It is virtually impossible for a lawyer to advance their career without compromising common ethics. Oh, why am I being nice? Almost all lawyers are fucking evil, and I only say almost because there must be at least a handful of them who aren't...maybe...I hope.

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Federal Crime Lab Is Incompetent

After 1o years, the only federal crime lab outside the FBI finally realizes they have an incompetent screw up working for them. I am not surprised. In fact, I'm sure he was paid ridiculously well for his atrocities of justice. There are reasons why people who are not responsible should not be in control of anybody's future.
The government is being very wise by not releasing this ass monkey's name. There are 479 cases under review for possible flawed results.

The report is here

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Man Choked to Death - No Trial for the Killer

This is amazing. A killing is caught on a security camera and seen by witnesses, and the case doesn't even go to a grand jury? The Florida State Attorney's Office is WAY out of line. It is a leap of faith to believe a 2-3 minute choking was excusable homicide.
How is it that now if you are attacked you are allowed to kill? This is not how it should be. Fisticuffs are a way of life and always have been. If you've been lucky enough to avoid it then yours is coming eventually.
Just because some guy is pounding you, doesn't mean you get to kill him. You may defend yourself, of course, but if your actions are excessive and cause serious injury or death then you are liable.
I'm not saying the guy should be tried for murder. In fact I think a moderate manslaughter ruling would be appropriate. However, I haven't seen the tape, or any of the evidence, but neither has a grand jury.

The report is here

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

New London City Council - Ass Kicking anybody??

An office complex, that's it, just an office complex. However, this office complex is so damn important that dozens of people must have their land and homes taken from them against their will (most likely by force by rumors I've heard). This, of course, sounds ridiculous. What business is so important as to rape its potential patrons of their American dream? There is none, but the asinine upper class righties have convinced the Supreme Court otherwise. It is amazing how much legislation has happened for the rich to get richer without many noticing. More and more our people are becoming divided. I have claimed to be an independent moderate since I started following politics in High School, but I can no longer do that. Moderates are not allowed to exist anymore. If you are still on the fence you will be dragged down by one or the other soon enough.

The report is here.