Thursday, August 25, 2005

Man Choked to Death - No Trial for the Killer

This is amazing. A killing is caught on a security camera and seen by witnesses, and the case doesn't even go to a grand jury? The Florida State Attorney's Office is WAY out of line. It is a leap of faith to believe a 2-3 minute choking was excusable homicide.
How is it that now if you are attacked you are allowed to kill? This is not how it should be. Fisticuffs are a way of life and always have been. If you've been lucky enough to avoid it then yours is coming eventually.
Just because some guy is pounding you, doesn't mean you get to kill him. You may defend yourself, of course, but if your actions are excessive and cause serious injury or death then you are liable.
I'm not saying the guy should be tried for murder. In fact I think a moderate manslaughter ruling would be appropriate. However, I haven't seen the tape, or any of the evidence, but neither has a grand jury.

The report is here


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