Wednesday, August 24, 2005

New London City Council - Ass Kicking anybody??

An office complex, that's it, just an office complex. However, this office complex is so damn important that dozens of people must have their land and homes taken from them against their will (most likely by force by rumors I've heard). This, of course, sounds ridiculous. What business is so important as to rape its potential patrons of their American dream? There is none, but the asinine upper class righties have convinced the Supreme Court otherwise. It is amazing how much legislation has happened for the rich to get richer without many noticing. More and more our people are becoming divided. I have claimed to be an independent moderate since I started following politics in High School, but I can no longer do that. Moderates are not allowed to exist anymore. If you are still on the fence you will be dragged down by one or the other soon enough.

The report is here.


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