Sunday, August 28, 2005

Executive Economic Endangerment -- A Tangent

Reagan, God bless him, is a damn fool. I am absolutely convinced that his head was very far up his ass when he started playing with the financial nuclear weapon, or supply-side economics as most people call it. In his wake, a now corrupted (okay, more corrupted), inefficient, fascist, greedy, denial driven crowd has taken over his beloved GOP.

I grew up a Republican, "because my parents said so." I have gotten nearly disowned because of some of my views that the "horrible liberal colleges have taught me.” I still get along with my family very well, but politics is NEVER mentioned.

I have been riding the fence as a moderate since I was allowed to vote. I have always registered as an independent because I do not believe in party politics. However, my tune is changing as I am starting to see the need for it.

When a party, hell bent on pushing for the end of the world (you gotta love these evangelical "rapture is a comin'" Christians) takes over all three branches. Well, we're screwed, and there must be some balance. They are literally spending like there is no tomorrow. Well, what if there is you dumb bastards?

Some of my visitors may get mad at this, but I am just as disgusted by democrats. In fact I'm a huge fan of the word - Republicrat. There are so many views on both sides that I don't agree with. Therefore, I refuse to choose a party, but I will stand up and scream for what is right.

What GW is doing to us, our children, our grandchildren, etc. is inexcusable. He is being absolutely wreckless with all matters of government, and most of the country either doesn't know or doesn't care.

On the other hand. I personally think this country is in a downward spiral that it can't possibly pull out of. No wonder my wife calls me a pessimist.

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